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Making the Most of Your Flight Delay

If you often travel for business or leisure, you’ve probably been here: when you look up at the flight listings in the airport and realize that your flight is running several hours late. Suddenly, the walls of the terminal where you stand seem to get closer together, and you can’t help but notice a hint of claustrophobia settling in. “I am stuck in this airport.” No one likes to be stuck in an airport, especially when they have family or business matters waiting at the other end of their flight.

When trying to make the most of your experience stuck in the airport, you might find yourself going slightly insane or suffering from sudden-onset stir craziness. Have no fear; we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to abate those delayed flight blues and keep the morale up, even with a hiccup as giant as being stuck in a terminal with only Chik-Fil-A to eat.

Call a Ballantyne Limo Charlotte Chauffeured Car Service

Especially if you have a really long delay, the stuck-in-the-airport despair can become too much to handle. Why not make the most of your situation and get out into the city where you’re stuck? “I have no way to get around!” cried the stranded traveler. “Not true!” insist the transportation gods, the same gods who provided weary travelers the world over with a glorious thing called car service. You see, car service is this strange entity that provides a traveler with a pristine vehicle, a Ballantyne Chauffeur who knows everything about the city where he or she drives, and a quiet backseat where the headaches caused by the world outside can be soothed.

The difference between chauffeured car service and a taxi, you ask? Well, Ballantyne chauffeured car service is dependable and punctual, which makes all the difference when a tentative flight schedule is the most prominent thing on your mind. So take the extra step, relieve yourself of your inner-airport claustrophobia and have a Ballantyne Chauffeured car service to pick you up and take you around. You’ll feel the weight of terminal-and-gate-waiting panic slip away as you make your way out of the airport’s mazy, suffocating clutches. And that’s worth every extra penny getting a Ballantyne car service costs.

Catch Up On Work

If you’re traveling for business, this one should be obvious. But we understand that the possibility of finding a corner or bench quiet enough to get any real work done can seem like an impossible task, especially when you’ve just been dealt the blow that is knowing you have to spend such a long time in the same airport terminal.

But using your flight delay to catch up on work can actually help improve the rest of your trip. How, you ask? Well, just think about it. A good deal of business travelers are already way behind their work schedules when they board their planes on time, meaning they arrive at their destination cities with tons of overdue tasks and a lot of  things to accomplish before they can even lay down in their premium (we hope) hotel bedding. So think about the benefits it could pose to your trip if you got the majority of or even just part of your workload checked off the list before you even boarded your late, late plane? We’re thinking extra time to play golf, get a massage, see a late-night movie or have cocktails with your co-workers once your regular-hours meetings are over. And having that extra time can help make your “business” trip feel more like a vacation, and who doesn’t want an extra vacation paid for on your company’s dime? Now we’re starting see a delayed flight as more of a blessing…

However you deal with the delayed-flight blues, don’t forget to always make the most of any extra time you get during your travelers. Take advantage of awesome car service and take a trip around the city where you’re stranded. Use your extra hours in the airport to knock out some serious parts of your workload. Both of these options help relieve the stress and boredom of being an airport hostage and help you pass the time much better than eating greasy waffle fries and crying in one of those admittedly semi-comfortable terminal chairs.

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