Booking Airport Transportation

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Booking Airport Transportation

Are you looking to book airport transportation for an upcoming trip?  What will you need to set up the car service or limousine transportation?  What should you expect from the transportation provider?  Ballantyne Limo come up with some top questions regarding getting your booking set up.

What Do I Need to Make My Reservation?

The more information you can provide to Ballantyne Limo for Airport  transportation , the better.  With all of the information providing  booking airport transportation  can be prepared and make sure your trip goes exactly as planned. Ballantyne Limo and Charlotte limo  can also customize your trip to your specific needs. While more information is better, a reservation can successfully be booked with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Phone Number
  • Pick Up Location
  • Drop Off Location
  • Flight Information
  • Vehicle Type
  • Credit Card or Account Information

Booking Airport Transportation Ballantyne Limo customer service representative can help you determine the correct pick up time to get you to the airport in time for your flight. Also on airport arrivals a Ballantyne Limo  provide software that can automatically track the arrival time of your flight.  This will not only insure you have the correct arrival time for your flight but make changes to the reservation if your flight is early or delayed.

When Do I Need to Make My Reservation

Most airport transportation can be booked last minute, however Booking Airport Transportation in advance is always preferred as special events, vehicle requirements, and other things may interfere with the response time on some reservations. Reservation Booking Airport Transportation can be made to Ballantyne Limo  by calling, emailing, and booking online.

What Type of Vehicle Should I Reserve?

This will depend on how many people are traveling, how many pieces of luggage each passenger will have and what your preferences are. Booking Airport Transportation Ballantyne Limo  representative will be able to help you decided which vehicle will best meet your needs.  It is also possible to visit the company to see the vehicles in person or see the vehicles on the companies website           



Can I Make this Process Easier for Future Bookings?

Yes.  If you plan to use airport transportation at any time in the future it is recommended that your information be saved in a customer profile.  Booking Airport Transportation Ballantyne Limo service  saving your information in a customer profile, you will not have to repeat the information each time a new reservation is made.  Things such as name, addresses, phone numbers, email address, credit card information, and preferences can all be saved in a customer profile.

What Should I Expect After Booking the Reservation?

The confirmation number is the first thing you should expect after booking the reservation.  Ballantyne limo Service will  be given on the phone and followed up with an email that has all of the detailed trip information.  The day before the trip you should receive another reminder email to reconfirm the original reservation from Ballantyne Limo service Charlotte Limo service .On the day of the trip you should expect the chauffeur to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early.

Where at the Airport Will the Chauffeur Meet Me?

This will depend on the meeting procedures of the specific airport.  The meeting information should be provided when making your reservation as well as on the email confirmation.  At  Charlotte airport the Ballantyne Limo  chauffeurs will meet you in the baggage claim area for domestic arrivals and outside of customs for international arrivals  They will be holding a name sign with your name on it, take your baggage and escort you to the vehicle. Meeting in the baggage claim in by far the most common procedure, however; some airports have specific restrictions and procedures.

What Amenities are Provided?

While this varies greatly per company, Ballantyne Limo service and Charlotte limo provide complimentary bottled water and newspaper.  Also the Ballantyne Limo and Charlotte limo vehicle arrive clean and heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature.

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