Limo Service in Charlotte for Thanksgiving day!

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Limo Service in Charlotte Thanksgiving day!


Thanksgiving is coming up quickly (too quickly!!) and Ballantyne Limo service  had some recent quotes for people looking for limo service in charlotte on Thanksgiving Thursday.  Normally for our limo services in Charlotte ,we work 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.  New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, 4th of July – those are all big party/romantic days where getting a limo or a limo mini bus for your celebration is a really smart idea – especially when lots of alcohol will be consumed.

But for a day like Thanksgiving – or Christmas Day – those days have not been normal high booking days.  This is probably the first Thanksgiving where Ballantyne Limo Service  had multiple quote requests – hmmmmm obviously people are headed into celebrations with family or friends where they know they will be drinking a lot??  For Ballantyne Limo Service , we normally don’t like to make our chauffeurs work on these “family” holidays.

What do you think?  Do you think that limo services in Charlotte  should just price their service like it’s a normal day for Thanksgiving or Christmas day?  One prospective client we just called said “I’m price shopping to see who will give me the best deal”…. For this family holiday day?  Chauffeurs have family too…  And of course prospects are looking for limo service in charlotte  – a drop off at the home at 10am and pick up again at 9pm.  So they want us to make that chauffeur suit up and head out twice in one day and not be able to enjoy his meal or his adult beverages??

Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong and our chauffeurs would love the opportunity to earn some money providing Limo Service in Charlotte  on Thanksgiving – any money is fine with them because Christmas shopping season is right around the corner.

Do you think limo services should really offer low priced service on “family” holiday dates like Thanksgiving?  Talk to me – give me your ideas!

By the way –Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, friends and family from     Ballantyne  Limousine!   704-544-2269

                                                                                                           limo service Thanksgiving!

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