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Prom night is a big deal for kids everywhere. It gives them an opportunity to dress up and look their best and feel like the adults they’ll soon become. But for parents, the most important thing about prom is to make sure that kids are taken care of, pre- and post- prom. The easiest way to do this is by making sure they are in good company and have safe transportation for the night. Riding around in a chauffeured limousine will not only ensure that they’re safe, but also that they have a fun and glamorous evening. Beyond that, the ways to have a great prom are endless. We’ve compiled a list of a few.

Spice Up the Prom Pictures

Every prom-goer should have an ample set of pictures from all stages of the night to remember the big event by. Making scrapbooks and photo albums and buying snazzy frames are ways to immortalize the prom experience forever.

But the normal prom picture process can get tiresome, especially for kids who are looking for ways to make their prom scrapbooks unique. You might even consider creating a prom video (granted that you can find someone to hold the camera). Possible subjects for your prom video? Consider choreographing a special dance, or have someone follow you and your friends around while you get your hair and makeup done. Be sure to express how it feels for the big night to finally arrive, any nerves, how you feel about your hair, etc. In the age of technology, the ways to make your prom memories unique are endless.

Find Your Best Dress

When it comes to choosing the right dress, the tendency to want to pick something your mother or date will like can be one pesky pitfall. Remember that even though your mother might react more enthusiastically to a particular dress, she’s going to love whatever you choose. So why not choose your own favorite rather than the dress you think she’ll be happiest to see you in? If your mother seems particularly attached to a dress that isn’t your favorite, explain to her why you love the one you love. And don’t be afraid to trump traditional prom styles in favor of fashions that are more you.

Do you like cocktail dresses or one-shoulder, floor-length Greek gowns? Go with what you want. Pick the color that you like best, in the style that you think flatters you. No matter what anyone says, wear it with pride. This is your prom, and you should be able to wear the dress of your dreams.

Choose a Great Whip

Few things are more important to the prom experience than finding the perfect chauffeured vehicle. For starters, your limousine will be front and center in your prom photos and video. Your vehicle will let you bring all of your friends in the same car, and get awesome footage of pre-prom antics. Choosing a Ballantyne Limo Service  has all of the flair and fun that you want for your prom memories is easy if you find the right company. Remember, you don’t have to go with a traditional limousine just because everyone else is. Finding variations on your prom transportation is one way to take your night from ordinary to exceptional. Consider booking a stretch Hummer Lincoln Town Chrysler 300. The extra room means you can fit more of your friends inside, which can only make the good times better.

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make it your own and create a lifetime memory, as well. Find the perfect dress, take great pictures, book the right vehicle, and your prom experience will be awesome.

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