Limo Services in Charlotte NC

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There are several types of cars available for hire: sedan, stretch, Chauffer SUV , bus etc. For Lincoln sedans, there are a few models available, Town car , Signature, Signature Limited and Executive L. Then you have the stretches, 70″ stretch limo, seats up to six passengers, 100″ stretch, seats a maximum of eight passengers or a 120″ stretch limo with the seating capacity of 10 passengers. There are some 12 passengers ones but those are very rare. Then, you have the long SUV, all brands, from Mercedes to the popular H2 Hummer limo, 20 passengers And 22 passenger Limo Mini Bus . Don’t forget the normal SUV, a wide selection to choose from (beautiful Escalade, Navigator or Suburban).

Among the concerns when looking for limousine hire company is the price. Everybody’s looking for the best limo rates when hiring these services. Be careful not to get trapped by those companies that operate outside the law. When booking a limousine there are a few things that you should be aware of. Make sure the car is fully insured and certified, they should have at least a website up and running and not online reservation only or e-mail address but a real person to answer the phone, preferably a land line . P.O. Box number are early signs of poor companies or fly by night services.

Don’t settle for the cheapest providers because the chances are you will get the “cheapest” service too. You don’t want the driver to show up in jeans and sneakers, do you? Or to call you every 15 minutes to let you know that “the driver should there shortly” because “there is a lot of traffic… You get point. You can compare various fares that are offered by different limo companies. Try to get as many quotes as you can, especially nowadays, when you can get those quotes online. Ask as many questions as you can because, by doing this you will make sure you will get a good limo company.

Here are a few tips on how to book a limo in Queen City. If you find yourself as a tourist in Charlotte, limo services will provide you with a more classy way to get around the city. A typical limousine service in Charlotte  (sedan) will charge you around $50-$60 to go from Charlotte Douglas International Airport  to Charlotte area , plus 15-20% gratuity. A lower rate wouldn’t inspire too much trust. By comparison, a taxi will charge you around $45 to $55 in bad traffic. . So, how do you know which limo company to choose? Do your homework, read this article again and I’m sure you will figure it out

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