Limo Charlotte North Carolina

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Limo Charlotte

Limo Charlotte

Limo Charlotte North Carolina

Ballantyne Limo will provide you with a luxurious limo Charlotte NC. We will meet all your transportation needs no matter what your destination is. Having so much experience and loving what we do has made our company one of the best in Charlotte and its surroundings.

In addition to excellent service, at Ballantyne Limo we have built a fleet that will fit your style and event. Over the years we have gone above and beyond for our customers. Also, we have always been reliable and we have always made sure that they experience a stylish ride in a timely manner.

Limo Charlotte – Limo mini bus limousine

Limo mini bus limo is a beautiful vehicle that is perfect for many events and big groups. This limo carries up to twenty two passengers and plenty of space left for everyone to interact with each other. So, the limo mini bus is perfect for events like weddings, parties and more. If this is the limo of your choice, Ballantyne Limo will make sure you ride in style and comfort.

Limo Charlotte – Hummer H 2 stretch limousine

Another great choice for special events is the hummer H 2 stretch limo. It has the space you need and the style your want. This limo carries up to twenty passengers. In this limo you will find features like fiber optic lighting, bar area, multi screen TV s and many other up to date and fun amenities. Also you will find these features at the limo mini bus. So, no matter what your choice is, you will experience a high-end ride from start to finish.

 Limo Charlotte – Double stretch limousine

In addition to the limo mini bus and hummer H 2 stretch limos, at Ballantyne Limo we offer double stretch limos that are available in black and white. This limo carries up to ten passengers. There is nothing like an elegant ride in this limo. Whether you are going dining out with your friends or you are heading to a corporate diner, you cannot go wrong if this is the limo of your choice.

SUV s and sedans

At Ballantyne Limo, we offer a great collection of sedans and SUV s. We cover big and small groups. So, if you are in need of a sedans, we have ones that carry four passengers. Our SUV s carry six passengers. Whatever your choice is, our chauffeurs will meet your needs from the moment your are picked up.

If you are looking for a limo Charlotte and you need more info from Ballantyne Limo, you can call us at anytime, 24/7.
Phone: 704.544.2269 or 704.608.7750






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