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Rental Limousine Charlotte

Rental Limousine Charlotte

Rental Limousine Charlotte

Looking for a rental limousine Charlotte NC? Ballantyne Limo will provide you with an excellent service.  Firstly, we have the experience and  also the determination to make sure our customers get the service they deserve.

In addition, at Ballantyne Limo, we have an impressive limo collection that everyone will love. We have various limos, that we have chosen with great care with our customer in mind. Our limos are nothing short of style and beauty. Also, if you need space, our collection will offer you that.

Rental limousine Charlotte – Limo mini bus limo

Ballantyne Limo offers limousines like the limo mini bus. If you need a vehicle that will carry up to twenty two passengers, and have the space that will please your eye, then this is the limo for you. Our customers hire this limo for weddings, parties and events of this nature. It is the ultimate transportation that will impress everyone.

In addition, our limo mini bus is equipped with fiber optic lighting which give it an exciting look. They change color, creating a fun atmosphere. This limousine has the bar area, which will hold the drinks and glasses for everyone. At your requests, we will provide you with the drink of your choice.

At Ballantyne Limo, we are proud of our collection without any exception. So, we have made sure that the limo mini bus has everyone you need. From the design to the comfort, to the space. If you make this limo your choice, you will not regret it.

Rental limousine Charlotte – Hummer H2 XXX white stretch

Among our fleet, we are pleased to offer the hummer H2 stretch limo. Like the limo mini bus, this limo is also equipped with fiber optic lighting. It carries up to twenty passengers, so it is ideal for big groups.

The hummer stretch limousine has a luxurious interior and exterior, which makes it an elegant ride to and from any event. While you can make this limo as part of your transportation fleet for your wedding day, you will impress your guests with the best ride. Ballantyne Limo will meet your needs all the way.

Rental limousine Charlotte – stretch limousine

Another option for you is the double stretch limousine, which carries up to ten passenger. This limo is a classic and elegant vehicle that will provide a comfortable and stylish ride to any destination. Our chauffeurs will make sure you enjoy the ride from start to finish.

Furthermore, at Ballantyne Limo, we provide an excellent car transportation for sporting events, concerts, airport and any destination. We cover big and small groups. We provide corporate transportation. Let us know your transportation needs and we will fulfill them to the best of our ability.

In addition to our amazing fleet and the best drivers in Charlotte, we also offer amazing rates.

Check the rest of our limo collection and our rates in our website. Also, take advantage of our weekly specials.

Finally, if you need a rental limousine Charlotte and you need more info from us, you can call at anytime, 24/7.

or call us at

704.544.2269 or 704.608.7750



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