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Limo Mini Buses Charlotte NC

Limo Mini Buses

Ballantyne Limo provides the most luxurious limo mini buses in Charlotte NC. If you are planning a black tie event and need the right transportation then you have come to the right place.

At Ballantyne Limo we have just the right collection for any event. We cover weddings, birthday and bachelor parties, prom and more. Also, we provide an excellent transportation to museums, theaters, entertainment centers, airport and any other destination in Charlotte and its surroundings.

Ballantyne Limo has been providing an amazing limo service in Charlotte and its surrounding for many years. We strive to deliver the service our customers need for their special events. One of the reasons we are one of the best in Charlotte is our beautiful fleet.

If you are looking for a limo mini buses with up-to-date features, then Ballantyne Limo got the ones for you. They are equipped with high-end features that will please your eye and will provide comfort for even the longest ride.

At Ballantyne Limo, we have taken a great care when choosing our limo mini buses as part of our limousine collection. We always keep our customers in mind when we make such decisions. Since we have been providing limo and car service in Charlotte for a long time, we can easily say that we know our customers.

Limo mini buses – features, amenities and rates

Limo mini bus is a perfect mix of articulate design and fun and exciting features. While you are in this limo you will enjoy everything it has to offer. This limo carries up to 22 passengers, so it does not lack space. Also, it is equipped with interchanging fiber optic lighting to add more excitement to the atmosphere.

Ballantyne Limo will provide you with the drink of your choice, at your request. Our limo mini buses have a bar area that is the focal point in the limo. The drinks and glasses will be placed in this area and once everyone is in the limo, they can serve themselves their favorites.

In addition, limo mini bus has multi screen TV s, video gaming system and a high quality sound system. Listen to the music of your choice and have fun throughout the ride. Whether you choose this limo for you wedding or your birthday, we know the guest will have an amazing time.

Furthermore, we can talk about rates. We guarantee that we have the best ones in Charlotte. So, you can easily make the best choice if you hire our company. You can rent our limo mini bus at $141 per hour, everything included, for a minimum of five hours.

For more info about the limo mini buses Ballantyne Limo offers, you can call us at anytime, 24/7. In addition, don’t hesitate to ask questions. We will answer to the best of our ability.
Phone: 704.544.2269 or 704.608.7750

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