How To Attract Customers For My Self Storage Business?

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The self storage demand in Sydney, according to CBRE’s Nick Zenonos, has increased significantly during the past year. However, in a city or area with various self storage options, there will be serious competition for a self storage facility owner. Especially nowadays, when technology has taken over the self storage industry too, owners need to keep up with the trends. So in case you aim to provide top self storage solutions for residents of Sydney, you must consider their expectations and opinions first and foremost. 

Community involvement & Deals:

Making yourself and your self storage business known in your community is the first step to attracting customers, by interacting firsthand with businesses such as public schools, contractors and restaurants about their storage needs. Additionally, offer discounts to first-timers.

Apart from that, you should work on building relations with businesses in Sydney that are most likely to be asked about where to rent a storage unit, such as real estate agents, apartment complexes, and moving companies. Introduce your storage facility and promise to offer them units at lower rates if you get a referral through them. This can be beneficial in attracting long-term renters and giving new businesses a reason to choose your storage facility.

The ‘Wow’ factor:

You must present a unique selling point to potential clients, otherwise you will just end up being the lowest-price provider in Sydney to attract customers. Focus on capitalising on the feature that your storage facility has but others don’t by keeping track of your competitors’ weakest and strongest points. Make sure that you are correctly pricing the storage units based on these special amenities.

You can create a coupon system and offer storage space for wine or vehicles (cars, boats or vans) depending on the residents and businesses operating in your neighbourhood. 

Security of the self storage facility:

Yes, storage units already provide adequate security but as times change, people are becoming increasingly paranoid. Installation of alarm systems, 24-hour video surveillance, ample indoor and outdoor lighting with extra security guards reduces risk of break-ins. Incorporating biometric security which allows fingerprints, retina scans, voice and facial recognition will give your clients a peace of mind.

Convenience & Services:

One of the most important factors people look for in a storage unit facility is convenience. Features such as 24/7 easy access to their unit, online payment and emergency call buttons attract more clients. If additional  services like packing and moving are offered, customers will be satisfied since they won’t have to go through the hassle themselves. Your facility should be fully stocked with packing supplies such as various sized boxes, tape, markers, labels, cutters, measuring tapes, protective wrapping (bubble or foam wrap), and durable locks. 

Climate-control & Remote Monitoring:

Most of the self storage facilities in Sydney would surely be offering climate-controlled units. These protect stuff like electronics, office documents and antiques (wood furniture) from severe damage by maintaining a constant internal temperature. While this service is greatly beneficial, and you should definitely offer it, no one can control malfunctions which might raise a unit’s temperature too high without anyone realising it.

Remote monitoring is a feature that can allow both renters and owners to track a unit’s internal environment and detect any massive change in its temperature. This feature would keep the renter’s belongings safe and provide an opportunity to fix a problem before serious damage occurs.

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, a storage unit is more than just an 8’x10’ locker with a garage style door now. Many trends such as advanced security and climate-controlled units are coming into play and you need to figure out how your self storage facility will stand out in such a highly concentrated market. Catering to your customer’s needs and willing to improve will guide you nowhere but upwards.

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